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Williams Grove "Run Whatcha Brung" 10-6-17Williams Grove National Open Finale 9-30-17Williams Grove National Open Night #2   9-29-17Williams Grove National Open Night #1 9-28-17Williams Grove 9-22-17Selinsgrove Jim Nace Memorial 9-16-17Williams Grove 9-15-17Trail-Way Speedway 9-8-17Williams Grove Billy Kimmel Memorial 9-3-17Williams Grove Van May/Kramer Williamson Race 9-1-17Williams Grove 8-25-17Susquehanna Speedway Justin Snyder Salute to the Troops Race 8-20-17Williams Grove Jack Gunn Memorial 8-18-17Susquehanna Speedway 8-5-17Williams Grove 8-4-17Susquehanna Speedway 7-30-17Williams Grove Summer Nationals 7-21-17 (Night #1)Port Royal Sprint Speedweek 7-8-17Williams Grove Mitch Smith Memorial 7-7-17Hagerstown Sprint Speedweek 7-5-17Lincoln Speedway Sprint Speedweek 7-3-17Williams Grove Sprint Speedweek 6-30-17Port Royal USAC Eastern Storm 6-17-17Williams Grove USAC Silver Crown 6-16-17Susquehanna 6-8-17Williams Grove USAC Eastern Storm 6-15-17Lincoln Speedway USAC Eastern Storm 6-14-17Grandview USAC Eastern Storm 6-13-17Williams Grove 6-9-17Williams Grove 6-2-17Williams Grove 5-26-17Williams Grove 5-20-17Williams Grove 5-19-17Williams Grove 5-12-17 (before the rain)Port Royal 4-29-17Williams Grove 4-28-17Williams Grove 4-21-17Port Royal 4-15-17Port Royal 4-8-17Port Royal 4-1-17Williams Grove 3-24-17Motorama 2017