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2019 Potomac Speedway Banquet2019 Virginia Motor Speedway Championship Banquet11-2 Georgetown Speedway11-1 Georgetown Speedway10-12 Potomac Speedway Small Car Nationals10-11 Potomac Speedway Small Car Nationals10-5 Potomac Speedway10-5 The Pit at Virginia Motor Speedway9-27 Potomac Speedway9-21 Hampton Cup Ragatta9-14 Virginia Motor Speedway World Championship Night 29-13 Virginia Motor Speedway World Championship Night One9-7 Virginia Motor Speedway Championship Night9-1 Potomac Speedway8-31 Dominion Raceway8-27 Georgetown Speedway Bash at the Beach8-24 Virginia Motor Speedway Prelude to the World Champioship8-10 Virginia Motor Speedway8-9 Potomac Speedweay8-3 Winchester Speedway (Rainout)8-2 Potomac Speedway7-26 Potomac Speedway7-20 Langley Speedway Hampton Heat 2007-13 Virginia Motor Speedway7-12 Potomac Speedway7-6 Langley Speedway7-3 Potomac Speedway6-29 Virginia Motor Speedway6-28 Georgetown Speedway6-22 Dominion Raceawy CARS tour6-21 Potomac Speedway6-15 Virginia Motor Speedway USA 1006-14 Potomac Speedway6-1 Virginia Motor Speedway5-31 Potomac Speedway5-26 Potomac Speedway5-25 Virginia Motor Speedway5-23 Indiana State Fairgrounds5-22 Terre Haute Action Track5-18 The Pit at Virginia Motor Speedway5-17 Potomac Speedway5-10 Potomac Speedway5-3 Potomac Speedway4-28 Potomac Speedway4-27 Virginia Motor Speedway4-20 Langley Speedway4-18 Georgetown Speedway4-17 Delaware International Speedway4-11 Virginia Motor Speedway Thursday Night Thunder3-30 Winchester Speedway3-29 Potomac Speedway3-23 Potomac Speedway3-17 Georgetown Speedway3-16 Georgetown Speedway3-9 Langley Speedway2019 Chili Bowl Nationals