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Potomac Speedway Championship Banquet10-12 Potomac Speedway (Larry Smallwood Photos)10-6 Potomac Speedway10-5 Virginia Motor Speedway9-22 Winchester Speedway9-2 Potomac Speedway9-1 Virginia Motor Speedway8-29 Georgetown Speedway8-25 Virginia Motor Speedway8-24 Potomac Speedway8-18/19 Langley Speedway Hampton Heat 2008-16 Georgetown Speedway8-11 Virginia Motor Speedway8-10 Potomac Speedway8-5 Hagerstown Speedway8-4 Virginia Motor Speedway7-28 Winchester Speedway7-20 Potomac Speedway7-13 Delaware International Speedway URC Sprints7-13 Potomac Speedway7-3 Potomac Speedway6-30  Virginia Motor Speedway6-29 Georgetwon Speedway6-23 Langley Speedway6-16 Virginia Motor Speedway USA 1006-15 Potomac Speedway6-8 Dixieland Speedway6-1 Potomac Speedway5-11 Potomac Speedway5-5 Virginia Motor Speedway4-27 Potomac Speedway4-20 Potomac Speedway4-19 Langley Speedway Denny Hamlin Showdown4-18 Delaware International Speedway4-14 Virginia Motor Speedway King of the Commonwealth4-13 Potomac Speedway4-6 Potomac Speedway3-31 Langley Speedway3-30-2018 Potomac Speedway3-17-2018 Georgetown Speedway Melvin L Johnson Memorial2018 Chili Bowl Nationals