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Path Valley Stock Car Showdown 10-10Path Valley 10-9Path Valley 9-26Path Valley 9-25Hagerstown SCN 9-19Path Valley 9-11Winchester 9-5Path Valley 9-4Winchester 8-29Path Valley 8-28 75 Lap WSSPath Valley 8-21Path Valley USAC and Sporstman 8-18Path Valley 8-14Path Valley 8-8Path Valley 8-7Path Valley 7-31Hagerstown 7-25Path Valley 7-24Path Valley 7-17Path Valley 7-3Hagerstown 7-1Path Valley 6-28Path Valley 6-26Path Valley 6-19Path Valley 6-13Path Valley 6-12Williams Grove 6-6Bedford 6-5Hagerstown 5-30Path Valley 5-29Bedford 5-25Hagerstown 5-23Path Valley 5-22Path Valley 5-15Hagerstown Practice 5_13Winchester 5-9Path Valley 5-8Path Valley 4-26Path Valley 4-24-15Hagerstown Salute to a Champion 4-18Path Valley 4-17-15Path Valley 4-12-15Winchester 4-11-15Hagerstown 4-4-15Bedford Practice 4-4-15Bedford Practice 3-29-15Path Valley 3-27-15 Opening NightPath Valley Practice 3-22-15Hagerstown 3-21-15Hagerstown 3-15-15Bedford Speedway Banquet